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you know what i cant hold my sadness today its droping out of my eyes not because its tough for me i m still lucky then so many others in this world but i meat my privious boss too who lost his job in 2009 he started his little busness he is having a very tough time in life with 3 kids and rents and so many other things …. i wish he and all like him and me and every one in this world get well soon

its to dificult world out there … nothing is easy people are more dificult then things and u cant trust any one every one try to use others …… job is easy then doing some thing of ur own …every day i go out motivated and forget all about last day every day in the end of the day i feel so sad and thinking how others doing all this then i start telling my self there must be some way to do it and make plains for next day …and one more thing when i do the job its hard for me to wake up in the morning but know i cant even sleep just calculating the posiblities to make some money then make more and more then more and then its other morning hmmmmmmmm any way good thing is i do some busness and know its oficily started but its not easy at the moment and too much risk always runing like a movie in my brain …… aany way i like doing job it was cool and there are free parties too …… and i thought i can do every thing and its all easy but i learn that to do some thing i had to be expert in that some thing and then focus on that thing hmmmmmm any way thats it i feel good again


It’s study time! From the Department of Studious Animals comes this awesome photo, taken by Lynnette Fortin in Escondido, CA, of Kokomo and Monroe, mama and baby gorillas catching up on their reading.

Lynnette submitted her delightful photo to the National Geographic 2013 Traveler Photo Contest. (The deadline for entries is June 30, 2013.)

[via Neatorama]`

mom are those pandas are our relatives too

yes dear

but why dont they are beautiful like us !

this is to sad when they treet children strangly in schools children are children atlest treat them equal if they learn they are human not girl or boy or trans or disable some how if they just learn they are human they will give better future

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